Must Love Here

Maybe you’ve been here: Strapped for cash; new place where you don’t know anyone; recent graduate feigning confidence in your newfound independence but secretly a little lost inside. I know exactly how you feel. Welcome!! This space is for you!

MustLoveHere is a website devoted to seeking out and celebrating where and when we are. If the above description resonates with you and you’re wondering how my mission might possibly align with your current state, just stay with me. No matter where you are, in what life circumstance, there is something worth celebrating. I want to help you find it!

To do that, I'm going to lead by example. I'll show you how and where I find the good by detailing moments from my every day life - things I'm going through or trying, things I've made it through and so have contemplated. Those both sound like potentially heavy topics, so I'll also be including some fun things like recipes I've tried out. What is a blog, after all, if it doesn't include some recipes?? In order to love where you are, you just need to recognize that there are moments every day that break through the brokenness of this world and reveal the beauty within and around us.

I bet you a pot of coffee you can find something unique, beautiful, worth exploring and sharing about the city where you live, the job you work, the food you’re about to eat, those awkward moments in making new friends. We all are here so that the world would flourish – so let’s go find that flourishing!