Must (Kind of) Love Fear

Maybe not a great second post title, but here goes...

We’re all afraid of something.

You may be afraid of something real and tangibly threatening, like job loss or person-loss or physical pain, violence or illness.

Or, if you’re like me, you may be afraid of something less tangible and maybe only perceived – like what others think of you and the things you do. A few years ago I took a class through my church called Steps where the goal was to weed through big issues in your life to figure out the root causes of whatever idols you may have. A big one for me was fear of man. Historically, I’ve been afraid of what others think of me and so I work to make myself look better and ultimately feel better. In the past that meant trying to fit in by living nearer to the edge. Now it looks more like playing it really safe and staying far from the edge, and of course making sure I’m the one in control.

One of the many problems with this method is that of course I’m not in control! Another problem – where is the fun in always trying to be perfect/in line/controlled/measured? Isn’t part of the fun of life not knowing what’s coming next? As far as I know, that’s why people like going on adventures and traveling and getting married and having kids and doing just about anything else that’s scary!

It’s existed, at least in idea form for just a few months and the purpose of this blog has already morphed. Can I travel all the time and explore new places? Nope. My new hubby and I are on a bit of a budget (which, honestly, I recommend to anyone – budgets are empowering! More on that later…), and so our dream of once-a-month traveling and finding unique places to love is currently on hold. Marriage is a big enough trip in itself, right?? So instead, I’d like to navigate the twists and turns of everyday life and offer some wisdom and encouragement along the way. I won’t pretend to have it all figured out – in fact, I will be the first one to admit I do not have it all figured out. But the learning and growing is part of the fun of life!

I still believe we all MustLoveHere, and right now my “Here” is a little afraid of starting a blog, being more known, being rejected, but also determined not to be sidelined by fear. I’m afraid to let this little internet space be made known to those around me, because I don’t want to be seen as just another girl with a blog – there, I said it! It’s scary to be vulnerable and try new things, but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong. It’s scary to go against the grain and be different from everyone else around you, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.

Fear is protective but, just like in healthy eating, moderation is key. You can take cues from fear to judge which decisions are good, bad, or uncertain. But you shouldn’t let fear take the reins and decide for you what you do or don’t do. We can’t know the outcome of every decision we make or every venture we start; so it’s only natural that there would be some level of fear in our lives, just because there’s an element of mystery in everything we do. Embrace it! Learn from it, grow, and keep moving on. This is to be an encouragement for anyone who reads it, including myself!

Sharing this blog on Facebook is a scary thing Imma be trying soon. Boom.

What scary thing can you do this week? Must kind of love fear, right?